ofFering HOSPITALITY, Luxury homes and stunning beaches

Siam Royal View is one of Asia’s premier beach resort projects, leading the way in the sustainable development of luxury villas and hospitality.

The resort is located in a spectacular location in a virtually private bay, surrounded by the pristine nature of lush green parkland and hills, and clear blue waters.  It provides a level of privacy that is hard to find elsewhere in Asia, thanks to its secluded peninsular location. 

The area stretches over 290 Rai (465,000 sqm) and encompasses a total of almost 4 kilometres of waterfront, 2 kilometres of which are sandy beaches, providing you with the space you need to feel free and immerse in a stress-free beach lifestyle.


A world of Experiences

Living in paradise may become monotonous after a while, but the Siam Royal View Resort and the surrounding area provide a range of diverse experiences so that no two days need be the same.

There is something for everyone here: from active pursuits and sports to luxury relaxation.

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Dining in a natural paradise

A variety of restaurants and bars in stunning locations are ready to serve from early morning breakfast to a romantic sunset dinner, and late night drinks

Each outlet offers a different ambiance, tastes and specialties, but diners are assured of extraordinary culinary experiences with exquisite European and Asian cuisine.

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A beach Resort IN a class OF ITS OWN

Siam Royal View Koh Chang is the largest beach resort in Southeast Asia, with more beach and waterfront than any other resort. Enjoying a secluded location on a peninsula, it has the space that provides a sense of freedom, and the privacy that is a luxury in itself.

What’s more, the Resort not only provides first class accommodation, but also a number of hospitality and entertainment facilities and services which allow residents and visitors to enjoy life to the fullest, far from the worries of everyday life back home.


The sheer size of the Siam Royal View Resort offers many options for guests to choose from.

Check out the Resort Map, which provides an overview of the various beaches, locations and resort facilities. The map is also available in printed format at any of the resort’s outlets.

Siam Royal View Resort operates a free shuttle bus to take visitors around within the resort area, and to the Klong Son Village center with various grocery shops. The shuttle bus route is marked on the Resort Map.

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SQM of Resort Area

Siam Royal View Villas

KM of Waterfront

KM of Sandy Beaches

The resort where dreams become reality

Luxurious tropical living in a breathtaking landscape of pristine tropical nature and clear blue seas is a dream millions of people have.

The Siam Royal View Resort brings a standard of living and quality services normally only found in more developed countries, and provides all the privacy, security and facilities you could possiibly need.

As an example, the Siam Royal View staff clean the beaches every morning removing any debris that may arrive overnight by the currents, so that residents can enjoy a pristine beach experience every day. Resorts with a dedicated beach cleaning service are very rare in tropical countries.

In addition, the beaches and resort areas cannot be accessed by the general public, which means no beach vendors disturbing sunbathers and residents in their beach homes.


Siam Royal View Koh Chang offers a rare opportunity for residents to enjoy a luxury beach lifestyle that has few equals throughout Asia.

The combination of high quality construction standards with some of the the most spectacular locations on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard provides buyers with the ultimate dream  home.

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Live a Luxury Beach Lifestyle

at Our Koh Chang Beach Homes

Siam Royal View Koh Chang offers an opportunity to enjoy a luxury beach lifestyle virtually unmatched throughout Asia.

Private Beaches


HOLE Golf Course

Marina Berths



The Siam Royal View village estate offers direct access to no less than six pristine beaches, ranging from the kilometre-long stretch of sand at Chang Noi to smaller, more secluded coves.

Beaches are located on both sides of the peninsula, giving beach lovers the choice of facing west (sunset side) or east (sunrise side).

Furthermore, some beaches are rather shallow, allowing you to wade safely into the sea, and allowing kids to play in the sand without worries, or steeper beaches which are better suited for swimming or snorkeling.

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Lagoona Area


A large salt-water lagoon around the Siam Royal View pitch & putt golf course provided the name for this huge section of the resort & estate development, but this area also features several stunning sandy beaches and a number of exquisite restaurants, bars and boutique hotels.

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The Siam Royal View service team is happy to arrange all kinds of services for property owners and visitors, ranging from on demand transportation to complete property management services and handling emergencies for guests or villas.

The team is also happy to organise yacht or speedboat trips, or any type of excursions on land or sea that you may wish.

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Marina and Riverside


This smaller but more exclusive section of Siam Royal View Resort & Estate has access to the widest beach in the compound, and stretches along the banks of the navigable Son River, thus there is abundant waterfront around this area.

The Marina Section received its name from the Yacht Marina which is adjacent to this part of the estate, and which hosts colourful motor and sailing yachts.

The Marina section also features several restaurants, bars, and a boutique hotel.

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A number of full-service boutique hotels with well trained staff are located within the estate at some of its most beautiful locations.

These hotels and their staff are key to ensuring that both property owners and visitors can enjoy their leisure time on Koh Chang to the fullest by taking advantage of the various hotel services and facilities.

The hotel service teams are also available to serve private homes with catering (e.g. party, BBQ), maid, cleaning, maintenance, laundry services and much more.

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