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Pitch and Putt – a Game of Touch and Skill

Posted by Vadmin on November 24, 2011

Siam Royal View this week opened the first golfing facility on Koh Chang at their luxury beachside property development. The superb Pitch and putt course is wonderfully laid out across lagoon islands and although not a full golf course it is one of the most attractive golfing attractions in Thailand with walkway bridges connecting the islands across the course. The course is open daily to the public and is certain to become one of Koh Chang’s most popular attractions. Since the game of Pitch and Putt is not so widely known we decided to give our readers some insight into this fascinating and skilful game.

The game of Pitch and Putt while not a full golf game, it is nevertheless a highly skilled and challenging sport. There may not be the need to hit the ball at great distance, but it is definitely necessary to have a nice touch around the putting greens. Many of today’s golfers are likely to have developed their love of the game and honed their short game by starting out on their local pitch and putt course. Indeed Northern Ireland golfer and 2010 US Open Champion Graham Mc Dowell, started on the road to his successful golf career playing this popular shortened form of the game.  

Pitch and Putt is a game played by amateurs on a course normally consisting of 18 holes. It was first played in the Cork area of Ireland in the 1940’s and become so popular that they have a fiercely contested inter-counties championship every year. The player is allowed to use three clubs, with one of them being a putter. The maximum length of a course is 1000 metres with the longest hole no greater than 70 metres. However, in many of the European courses the maximum length is 1,200 metres, with the longest hole being 90 metres.

The popularity of the game has grown to such an extent there are international tournaments played in many of the major European countries. One of the countries where the popularity of the game has grown is The Netherlands. The winner of this year’s Dutch International Open was an Irishman named Ray Murphy.

It is not only in Europe that the game is popular. The game has expanded so much that there are Pitch and Putt course as far afield as Colombia and Chile in South America. The game has now been introduced to the Asian region with a new Pitch and Putt course being opened in South Korea on October of this year. It is the first course in the country and is situated 45 km from Seoul.

At a meeting of the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Association members (FIPPA) held on March 25th of this year, it was agreed that the 2012 Pitch and Putt World cup be held in County Meath, Ireland. The organizers are hoping that all of the current 16 member countries will send a three man team to the event. Who knows in time perhaps a future Pitch and Putt champion will have begun their love for the game on the fabulous course at Siam Royal View in Koh Chang.

For further information on Pitch and Putt golf, check out the official website of FIPPA.



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