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Make a Secure Investment in Thailand Real Estate with Siam Royal View

Posted by Vadmin on March 10, 2012

For many people, investing in Thailand real estate is the fulfilment of a lifetime dream. An investment in Thai property offers the opportunity to enjoy a quality of life that could never be obtained in the western world for a comparable price. For many people, the allure of the tropical sun and the laidback nature of the Thai life offer a choice that enhances not just their financial standard of living but also their feelings of wellbeing. At Siam Royal View we understand these motivations and see the excitement that a change in lifestyle creates for our customers. As a company, we take great pride in making these dreams come true.

{timg title:=”Premium Thailand real estate in Pattaya” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/properties/pattaya/luxuryvillas/villamanee/small/villamanee4.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/properties/pattaya/luxuryvillas/villamanee/big/villamanee4.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Siam Royal View has currently has two landmark Thailand real estate developments. Our Pattaya village is one of the premier property developments in one of Thailand’s most exciting and fastest growing cities. Siam Royal View Koh Chang on the other hand is one of the most sensational beach property developments in the whole of Asia. Both projects offer luxury living at its finest.

{timg title:=”Sensational beach real estate in Asia” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/location/kohchang/thingstodo/small/thingstodo9.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/location/kohchang/thingstodo/big/thingstodo9.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

However, for many who buy a home in Thailand, dreams of a life in the sun can turn into a nightmare. Some overseas buyers of Thai property neglect the proper legal framework which can lead to problems with purchasing and obtaining rights. At Siam Royal View, we have years of experience in the Thailand real estate market and always ensure our buyers fully understand Thai property law and practice. We also recommend tried and trusted independent legal advisors for our clients. As a result, property owners on our developments have the security of knowing their investment complies in all respects with Thai legislation.

{timg title:=”Lifestyle real estate in Thailand” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/properties/pattaya/facilitiesamenities/small/facility4.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/properties/pattaya/facilitiesamenities/big/facility4.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Another factor commonly experienced in real estate worldwide is developers who, after selling off their estates, take the money and abandon the residents. This leads to a slow disintegration of the estate’s infrastructure and the decline in the value of the property as the estate disintegrates.

{timg title:=”Thailand villas on Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/thailand-real-eastate/lifestyle-investment-kohchang/small/villa-kc.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/thailand-real-eastate/lifestyle-investment-kohchang/big/villa-kc.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Siam Royal View does not do business in this way. We are a well-established company who’s Thai and overseas executives are highly experienced in property development and committed to building and maintaining property projects of the highest standards. We have a proven pedigree of building world-class projects as can be seen on both of our Thailand real estate developments. Further to this, the company’s directors are also customers of the company, owning properties in the developments, showing a commitment to sustainability and long term care of the properties.

{timg title:=”Thailand real estate on Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/thailand-real-eastate/lifestyle-investment-kohchang/small/villas.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/thailand-real-eastate/lifestyle-investment-kohchang/big/villas.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Buying into the Thailand real estate market is not just an excellent lifestyle choice, it also represents a sound financial investment. The entry level cost of buying Thai property is significantly lower than in comparable Asian countries and much less than in the western world. Property values are rising significantly in the location of both of our major development projects, a trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. In addition, for our owners who use their Thailand real estate investment as a second or holiday home, there is an excellent return on rental income.

Siam Royal View is an established and trusted name in Thailand real estate. We can help you make an investment that not only offers a better quality of life, but also represents a fine financial decision.

{timg title:=”Luxury Lifestyle” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/Box/lifestyle6.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/Box/lifestyle6.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Make a Lifestyle Investment:   

{timg title:=”Siam Royal View” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/Box/logo.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/Box/logo.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Siam Royal View  – A Tried and Trusted Name in Thailand property Development  


{timg title:=”Pattaya Villas” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/Box/view.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/Box/view.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Take a look at our stunning Pattaya Villas


{timg title:=”Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/Box/kc%20overview.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/Box/kc%20overview.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

 Our Development on Koh Chang was awarded the Best Villa development on the Eastern Seaboard at the Thailand Property Awards

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