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Klong son Bay Koh Chang

Posted by Vadmin on March 31, 2013

Klong Son Bay is one of the most beautiful beach spots on the whole of Koh Chang and is located on the northwest tip of Koh Chang. It is the home of our property development project. Klong Son is quite a deep bay, giving good protection from the prevailing winds and ensuring that, for the vast majority of the time, the waters are calm and clear.

On the landward side, the bay is surrounded by mountain forests giving a natural green backdrop to the bay’s setting. The mountains are almost exclusively listed as national park land and benefit from conservation protections.

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Both points of the bay are punctuated by islands. The larger island on the northwest side of the bay is Chang Noi island. It is wholly protected and there are no structures on the island. For divers and snorkelers there are some coral formations. At the bay’s southern tip is Koh Ma Pring island.

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Klong Son Bay’s northern headland is almost entirely national park land and as such, is protected under conservation legislation. The small parcels of land that are not protected, including the beautiful Three Elephants Beach, are owned by Siam Royal View. The land is rich in flora and fauna and often monkeys can be seen in the trees. It is also quite common to see large lizards sunning themselves on the hot rocks.


At the centre of the bay is the pristine Chang Noi beach. This stretch of golden sand is one of Koh Chang’s best beaches and it forms the heart of Siam Royal View’s development. Our beachfront properties are actually set back from the beachline, which is fringed by palm and conifers preserving the natural setting. The bay itself is quite shallow so very safe for families.

At its southern end, Chang Noi beach forms a sandbank which juts out into the estuary of the Klong Son River. The sandbank protects Marina Beach where Siam Royal View also has homes. Moving up river, there are our riverside homes and the site of our luxury marina development. Further upstream is Klong Son fishing village, where the locals moor their boats. Most of the local dwellings are still built in the traditional way on stilts and it is a small but thriving community.

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Klong Son Village itself is small and located on the main western island road. There is not much in the way of shops, but there is a well-stocked 7-11 and a small fresh market for most basic provisions.

Most of the bay’s southern arm is also national park land with just one resort development and a number of small beaches to which the only effective access is via the sea.

Siam Royal View’s Beach Club facilities, water sports centre and golf course are both open to the public so if you would like see Klong Son Bay, do feel free to visit. If you are interested in buying a home on Koh Chang our luxury villas offer the most outstanding accommodation on the island. Please contact us for more information.

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