Owners of private villas at Blue Haven Bay are enjoying more than just a new lifestyle that many people in the world are dreaming of; the investment into a villa also brings significant financial upside.

Our owners have seen a significant increase in the capital value of their properties. Some owners have seen the value of their property increase up to 50% since they invested in their property. In addition, it is possible to attract significant returns from the holiday rental market when owners are not in residence themselves.


Blue Haven Bay, via its Property Management Service Superhosts, provides a comprehensive range of services
to ensure hassle-free ownership. Our team takes care of all aspects of maintaining the villa or condo, such as dealing with utility bills, cleaning and airing, repairs, laundry service, gardening, pest / rodent control, and ensuring the property is in perfect condition at all times.
Owners can also have a CCTV system installed if they so wish in order to monitor the condition of their villa wherever in the world they may be.

Hotel Managed Villa – NEW with BEST Return on your Investment:

Want to rent out your villa? Become partner and secure best return of investment through your Hotel-managed Villa Package.

For owners/investors who wish to benefit from substantial rental returns from their Koh Chang homes, Superhosts offers an all-in-one Hotel Management package, having your property included and fully operated by the Blue Haven Bay hospitality team, in charge of Marina Sands Resort and Peninsula Beach Resort.