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Investing in a Siam Royal View Koh Chang villa is buying into the ultimate in luxury island lifestyle. Siam Royal View is one of the most exciting beach property developments in Asia and represents an opportunity not to be missed.

Koh Chang is an idyllic tropical island location with shimmering blue seas, pristine sandy beaches and is surrounded by rich tropical forest protected by law from over-development.

Make a Lifestyle Investment in a Koh Chang Villa

Siam Royal View Koh Chang is one of the last large beach front land parcels in this prime area of the island. Due to 80% of the island’s surface being national park, land availability on Koh Chang is very limited. Availability of land on the highly prized stretch from the ferry terminals to White Sand Beach is even more limited as many portions either belong to the Royal Thai Navy or have been declared nature conservation areas.

However, Siam Royal View has secured large pieces of prime land with proper land titles and building permissions, surrounded by these nature conservation areas, which makes it even more desirable and exclusive.

The Siam Royal View Koh Chang villa development is unique, with a high level of privacy guaranteed through its almost complete enclosure by the nature conservation areas. Another distinctive and unusual feature is sea access on both sides of the project; the development covering both sides of a natural promontory. This gives the project an uncommonly high shoreline to area ratio and as a result, the number of beachfront plots that can be developed is unusually large.

The beach is one of the outstanding features of our Koh Chang villa project. The development boasts almost four kilometres of shoreline, of which over two kilometres are pristine sandy beaches.

An investment in Koh Chang Property

Many observers of the Thai real estate market have commented that Koh Chang is set to become the next Phuket in terms of property demand and values. However, it is possible to buy property at Siam Royal View in superior quality but at a fraction of the cost to similar property in Phuket.

The property market in Koh Chang is still relatively new, but capital growth has been averaging in excess of 10% per year for the last few years and there is no doubt that demand for property on the island will remain strong and see significant price increases for the foreseeable future. Land values in Koh Chang and its environs are expected to appreciate strongly as top brand resort and hotel chains have already arrived, or are planning new properties in the area.

Hotel room prices are some of the highest in the kingdom, and yet all hotels are fully booked, sometimes even overbooked, during the high season. For this reason there are strong returns on rental income, which is a significant financial benefit to our Koh Chang villa owners.

Another benefit to purchasing property in Koh Chang over other beach destinations in Thailand is the enforcement of stringent building codes and nature conservation regulations. Approximately 80% of Koh Chang is listed as protected national parkland and this acts as a brake on untrammelled over-development which has neen seen in other areas like Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin or Pattaya. The quality of living for those who prefer an unspoilt natural setting will remain high in spite of the ongoing development, since this happens in an ecologically conscious way.

The development of the property market in Koh Chang may be as speedy and financially rewarding as that of Phuket, but on a more ecologically sustainable basis. While the government has assured most of Koh Chang’s conservation status, it has also implemented multiple infrastructure projects as a basis for the development zones where construction is permitted. As a result of these overwhelmingly positive attributes, many Thai VIPs are known to have invested in land in the Koh Chang archipelago.

The project’s beaches are only accessible from within the project, providing a high degree of privacy and tranquility.

Siam Royal View has a number of outstanding features which provide our Koh Chang villa owners with the epitome of an exclusive island lifestyle with all the premium amenities one could desire. The facilities include two infinity swimming pools, a beach club, water sports activities centre, and a state of the art nine hole pitch & putt golf course (the only golfing facility on the island). We also have facilities for boat and jet ski mooring and are currently developing the most exciting boat and yacht marina in the Gulf of Thailand.

All our Koh Chang villas are built with the utmost care and devotion and can be configured to your individual requirement. As a company we are dedicated to providing our owners with the highest quality homes so they can enjoy their lifestyle investment in a Koh Chang villa.

Koh Chang is the last major group of virtually undeveloped tropical islands in Thai territorial waters. The Koh Chang / Koh Kood archipelago has a larger combined land mass than that of Phuket and Koh Samui together. Chang island itself is only around 20% smaller than Phuket island.

Koh Chang can be conveniently reached by car from both Bangkok and Pattaya and is destined to become the playground of the rapidly growing economic powerhouse on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, the area surrounding Pattaya.

As the cruise industry develops with the establishment of the new Laem Chabaeng Port Cruise Terminal, Koh Chang is likely to emerge as a favoured stopover for all cruise routes entering or leaving the Gulf of Thailand.

It is also expected that a large yachting industry will be established around the Eastern Seaboard, possibly based out of Pattaya, as the Koh Chang archipelago provides some of the most scenic and interesting sailing in the Gulf. The first few mega yachts out of Hong Kong and Australia have already been spotted ssailing the pristine waters around the island.

As a result, making an investment in a Siam Royal View Koh Chang villa is not only a passport to a stunning, luxury island lifestyle, but it is also likely to prove a sound investment in an area which is destined for a very bright future.

Buying a Villa in Thailand with Siam Royal View

On this page, we will guide you through the steps required to buy a villa in Thailand with Siam Royal View. The process is straightforward and allows you to give your input at every stage so you can have peace of mind when purchasing the home of your dreams.

Step 1 – Select a Location for your Villa in Thailand

Siam Royal View offers homes in two stunning locations: our city development in the bustling modern metropolis of Pattaya and our landmark Koh Chang villa project, one of Asia’s biggest and most exciting real estate beach property developments.

Step 2 – Decide on the Criteria for your Villa

Siam Royal View’s developments are large and offer an incredible range of choice when it comes to choosing the right villa for you.

These are some of the factors you should consider:

  • Plot size – large or small?
  • Would you prefer a panoramic view or a secluded tropical garden?
  • Flat or sloped terrain?
  • A view facing the sunrise or sunset?
  • Beachfront or hillside?
  • Shady spot or full sun?
  • Near the club and swimming pools or something more private?
  • A riverside plot with boat mooring or adjacent to jungle?
  • Near a restaurant or the village entrance, or something more secluded and tucked away?

As you can see there is a wide array of choice available when buying a villa in Thailand from Siam Royal View. Whatever your preferences our customer service team are sure to be able to find the perfect plot for you.

Step 3 – The Custom Design of Your Villa in Thailand

All our villa types have a flexible design which allows for room and space adjustments to fit the individual requirements of all of our customers. Some people require more bedrooms, others like a larger living space or bigger terrace or garden. We have a wide choice of already prepared variants for each villa type, and further adjustments can be made based on your requirements. You can see some of the Pattaya villas here and our Koh Chang villas here

Step 4 – Selecting a Suitable Land Plot for Your Thai Villa

Once you have decided on your villa type, it is time to find an appropriate land plot on which to build your new home. Alternatively, you could select a plot and then decide on a villa style. Please note that each villa type is designed and suitable for certain types of plots. Therefore it may be that, depending on the plot you choose, certain villa types may not be advisable or not possible. Once these choices are made, continue with the reservation and contract signing.

Step 5 – The Interior Design of your Villa in Thailand

The Siam Royal View after-sales team can assist you in all aspects for the interior design and selection of fixtures, furniture and fittings.

The selection of tiles or natural stone, paint colours, kitchen and bathroom fittings, door and window styles and much more can be selected from our design showroom or, if you prefer, be selected from a third party supplier. The choices for interior design are endless which ensures that your villa in Thailand can be customised to your exact individual tastes and requirements.

Help at Every Step of the Way

Throughout every step of buying your villa in Thailand, Siam Royal View’s customer service team will be there to guide and assist you in purchasing the home of your dreams.

Buying Property in Thailand – The Legal Framework

Many foreigners looking at buying property in Thailand have understandable concerns about the legal position of owning real estate. Here we outline the legal framework for property ownership.

If you are interested in our real estate developments, our team are very experienced in assisting people from overseas with buying property in Thailand and can give you all the assistance needed to make an informed decision on the legal choices available. We put you in contact with independent, tried and trusted legal advisors that can help make your investment safe, secure and hassle free.

The key issue that needs to be addressed is that foreigners cannot own land in Thailand. However, they can own a house or a condominium and there are multiple ways to secure real estate investments. The best solution depends on the buyer’s individual situation and requirements of the real estate investor and should always be subject to legal and tax counselling.

The following is a selection of the legal instruments available to secure property rights:

Buying a Property in Thailand Freehold

The key to owning freehold property in Thailand is whether or not in law you are considered a natural or juristic person. Under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, a juristic person enjoys the same rights and is subject the same duties as a natural person.

The Foreign Business Act and Section 97 of the Land Code provides that a lien person includes a juristic person with half of the shares constituting its capital held by a lien. Therefore, a company with less than half of the shares held by a lien has the same rights as a Thai Person.

Under Section 1144 of the Civil and Commercial Code, every limited company shall be managed by one single director or multiple directors under the control of the general meeting of shareholders and according to the by-laws of the company. Directorship is open to persons of all nationalities.

Obtaining a Mortgage when Buying Property in Thailand

Foreigners are entitled to acquire mortgages in their favour as collateral for financial support to Thai persons or Thai companies. There is no period limit on such mortgages.

Buying Property in Thailand Leasehold

Foreign customers looking at buying a property in Thailand have the option to secure their land through other legal instruments.

The most popular of these is a lease agreement.

Typically, the lease period is 30 years, with an option to renew twice, bringing the total lease period to 90 years. Furthermore, the lease agreement can include an option for the customer to convert the lease agreement into a freehold ownership at any time should the customer wish. For example, if Thai law changes and allows foreigners to own freehold land, if the customer obtains Thai citizenship or if the customer sells the property to a Thai person or company.

As with all legal issues, we urge all our customers to consult qualified professional advisors.