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Amazing Thailand for a Golfing Vacation

Posted by Vadmin on September 18, 2011

Normally the beautiful beaches and the bustling markets of Thailand are what attract the tourists, but now people are arriving for an entirely different reason; golf. Thailand has become one of the top destinations in Asia for a golfing vacation according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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With over 260 golf courses already open and new courses being designed and opened to cope with the rising demand, it is easy to understand why Thailand is so popular. Among the most popular destinations for golfers is Khao Yai. Here you will find cooler weather, an abundance of wildlife and as it is only two hours from Bangkok, it is within easy commuting distance. The area is known for its spectacular scenery, and the beautiful mountains and waterfalls make a wonderful backdrop to the greens.

The senior writer for Australia’s Golf Digest magazine, Rowan Clark, was very complimentary when recounting his golfing experiences in Thailand. He said: “To play on first class resort courses with such incredible scenery was a revelation”.

{timg title:=”Amazing Thailand for a Golfing Vacation” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya2.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya2big.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

The newest and most exclusive golf resort in Khao Yai is the Kirimaya golf course. The course is over 7,000 yards long and is designed to championship standards. It was designed by the great Jack Nicklaus who incorporated the natural habitat and water features to make this a very challenging but enjoyable golf course on which to play. It is set in the beautiful natural surroundings of Khao Yai and the panoramic views are truly amazing.

These are just two of the beautiful golf courses that Thailand has to offer the golf tourist there are many more that are just as good. When you visit Thailand for a golfing holiday you will be spoiled for choice.

Click here to check out the Kirimaya Golf Club website.

{timg title:=”Amazing Thailand for a Golfing Vacation” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya1.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya1big.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

As you walk around this golf course you get the feeling you are the only one on the entire golf course. If you are looking for an unforgettable golfing experience then you must play a round on this golf course. The area offers the visitor an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Another must play golf course when visiting Thailand is the historic Siam Country Club. This club is home to two golf courses including the first privately owned course in the country. The Siam Country Club is found just 15 minutes away by car from Pattaya and each course has its own clubhouse and excellent facilities.

The Old Course was the first privately owned golf course in Thailand and it saw extensive development work in 2007 by Schmidt-Curley Design. It was rebuilt and completely renovated with the fairways and greens being given a new lease of life. Since the redevelopment, the course has played host to four Thailand open championships and is hosting the Honda LPGA every year.

{timg title:=”Amazing Thailand for a Golfing Vacation” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya_overview.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/golf-kirimaya_overviewbig.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

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