• Majestic Splendour
    Majestic Splendour

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

  • A Tropical Paradise Island
    A Tropical Paradise Island

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

  • No Place Like Home
    No Place Like Home

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • The Art of Nature
    The Art of Nature

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

  • Pristine Waters, Lush Green Hills
    Pristine Waters, Lush Green Hills

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • A Place for Quality Time
    A Place for Quality Time

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • In the Front Row of Life
    In the Front Row of Life

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • Golfing on the Beach
    Golfing on the Beach

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • A Safe Haven for Your Yacht
    A Safe Haven for Your Yacht

    Siam Royal View Marina, Koh Chang

  • A Home with a Magical Touch
    A Home with a Magical Touch

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • Tropical Perfection
    Tropical Perfection

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • Welcome to Another World
    Welcome to Another World

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang /

    Courtesy of Princess Yachts


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Leading the Way on the Development of Luxury Thailand Villas

Siam Royal View is one of Asia’s premier beach real estate projects that leads the way in the development of luxury Thailand villas. The development is located on Koh Chang, Thailand’s third largest island which has become synonymous with sustainable tourism.

Klong Son Bay on Koh Chang the location of our landmark Thailand villas development

Koh Chang is characterised by golden sandy beaches and a richly forested interior. Over 80% of the island is protected national forest and there are stringent building regulations in place to prevent the untrammelled development that has blighted so many of Thailand’s other areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Siam Royal View is fully committed to supporting and maintaining these development restrictions to provide buyers of our luxury Thailand villas an investment from which they will benefit on both a financial and environmental level.

Thailand villas on unspoiled Koh Chang beaches

Blog on Klong Son Bay, the home of Siam Royal View Koh Chang

Thailand Villas Located in a Natural Paradise

Modern Villas with a Touch of Thai Style

Siam Royal View’s substantial land holding is located in the extreme northwest corner of Koh Chang. Our land is almost totally enclosed by natural borders of either government protected forests or the sea. This ensures that buyers of our Thailand villas will enjoy much the same stunning views in decades to come as they do today. The mountain forests provide a rich verdant green on the land side that perfectly complements the shimmering blue of the ocean. The beaches are also spectacular and there are plenty of them; six different beaches in total, including the pristine two kilometres of sand on Chang Noi beach.

Our Koh Chang Thailand villas development is a tropical beach paradise

Our Thailand villas are built to the highest quality standards and encompass modern design with a touch of Thai style. We have four main villa designs to choose from all of which can be configured to our customers’ personal requirements and specifications. In addition, in certain areas of the development it is possible for owners to build their own custom designed villas allowing them to build the tropical home of their dreams.

Modern villas with a touch of Thai style on Koh Chang


Unrivalled Facilities

More Than a Lifestyle Investment

Siam Royal View’s unrivalled facilities allow the owners of our Thailand villas to enjoy an unsurpassed luxury tropical beach lifestyle. Our Koh Chang community facilities include the Beach Club, swimming pools, a watersports centre and the only golf course on Koh Chang. For boat owners, the new marina development will provide state of the art facilities for craft of up to 20 metres as well as deep water mooring for larger vessels.

Beach Club and pool at night on our Koh Chang villa development

Enjoy a meal with a view at of Koh Chang property development


Owners of our Koh Chang Thailand villas are making more than an investment in lifestyle; there is also a significant upside financially. Our owners have seen a significant increase in the capital value of their properties. Some owners have seen the value of their property increase up to 50% since they invested in their Siam Royal View Koh Chang property. Thailand property prices have risen steadily over the past few years and real estate value are set to experience further growth in the years to come. However, Koh Chang property is still available at a fraction of the cost of other Asian beach destinations but this will change in the years to come. In addition, it is possible to attract significant returns from the holiday rental market when owners are not in residence themselves. Siam Royal View offers a rental promotions service to help our clients who wish to take advantage of this potential income stream.

Unsurpassed Koh Chang beach property


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Expore our range of stunning beachside villas on Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Enjoy a beach lifestyle with a luxury villa on Koh Chang


Koh Chang Golf Course
Outstanding facilities  contributed to Siam Royal View winning the Best Villa Development on the Eastern Seaboard at the Thailand Property Awards.


Koh Chang Marina
Our beachside condominiums on Koh Chang were highly commended by the Thailand property awards

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit and personal tour of Siam Royal View’s landmark beach property development or if you would like to receive regular updates from Siam Royal View please subscribe to our email list.